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Tourism in Australia

Tour and Travel information for Australia countries

Queensland Australia

Queensland is Australia's second largest state with nicknamed the Sunshine state. Queensland is also known by a variety of attractive gardens which is perfect for family vacations. Not only that, Queensland is also mentioned as a place for various outdoor activities to enjoy, such as Abundant natural resources, gliding from the dunes as high as 70 meters from the adrenaline drain relatively high speed, or you see the natural bridge at Springbrook National Park and look at the theme park Wild Dolphin Resort.

Queensland is also known by a variety of attractive gardens which is perfect for family holiday. The climate majority of Queensland (Australia) has a very tropical climate especially to the north where areas like Cairns, Port Douglas and Cooktown are located.
It’s true, the perfect climate and seaside towns show relaxed Australian culture at its best. Here some photograph are taken in Australia:

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park
Eroded Granite - Cheynes Beach

Brisbane, Queensland
Hopefully, you may enjoy surfing this info as traveller's lover, and try to be Tourism in Australia and catch it the interest places that i said as well.

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Western Australia

As it's name shows, Western Australia is the most western part of australia. Western australia is the largest state in australia - 2,400 km long from north to south, 12,500 km long coastline and around 2,500,000 sq km total teritory - one third of australia.
Western Australia is pretty different from the other states. It is covered mainly in red dust and deserts, but it contains most of the mineral wealth of Australia – uranium, coloured diamonds, pearls. It also has a really long coastline with beaches and coral reefs which provides visitors with great surfing opportunities. Also there are forests and limestone caves in the southern parts. For many on a holiday visa, Australia is often one of the places that they would want to visit. Australia is to be marketed as the antidote to the stresses and strains of modern day life with a series of new tourism advertisements. 
So the question remains, is there still something to discover in the continent? Well, the truth is, there is a lot more. Australia is a large place, so you will have a lot to explore. There are places has to offer from western Australia, from the Kimberley (wild region with red soil) , Broome and the Bungle Bungles in the north, through the pristine, untouched and relatively undiscovered Ningaloo Reef, The Gascoyne region where one can visit the Shark Bay World Heritage area, the Ningaloo Marine Park, the Ningaloo Reef and Monkey Mia, the gold fields of Kalgoolie (where gold used to be mined.) the resort of Broome (where pearls were obtained), crocodiles at Geikie Gorge, the Karijini National Park and many others.

Enjoy your travel in western australia and we are sure you will be hooked on Western australia like many fellow travellers and the millions of people who lived and reside here. Regards from Western Australia.

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